7 Digital Marketing Trends In 2021

The global pandemic of 2020 is now behind us, it’s time to look ahead and find that what will 2021 bring? This pandemic had an impact on every business. Most notably, ecommerce businesses went through the roof, people spent more time on social media and video conferencing. This has led to a great shift in the way brands connect with their customers. 2021 has brought us many amazing trends, we will be discussing some of them below.

Here are best digital marketing trends of 2021:

1. Featured snippets & no-click searches:

For many years the goal of SEO is to get your listing in the number one position of search results. Now according to the digital marketing trends 2021, the end goal is to shift more SEO visibility in position zero. Position zero refers to Google’s featured snippet, and 2021 marketing trends are prioritizing it in particular. This feature works different than others, one thing it’s separated by small box and located at the top. And it also displays relevant information related to user’s questions without them needed to click on it.

2. Live streams and an increase in influencer content:

Due to pandemic all live events were cancelled, and people were unable to attend in-person events. This led to an increase in the number of people tuning into live streams, whether it was a live-stream, a live video from their favourite celebrity, or an online workshop. On Facebook, live viewings increased by 50% during lockdown period. TikTok go through shot in 2020, and there’s a good chance we will see this upward track continue to play out in 2021.

3. Ad-blocker blockers:

The digital marketing trends of 2021 are all about overcoming obstacles like ad blockers. With 27% of users expected to use ad blockers in 2021. First you want to check how big of a problem it is for you, your ad data should tell you what you need to know. If your ads do fall victim to ad blockers, your best strategy is to adapt, don’t waste time trying to convince potential customers to change preferences. Readjust your advertising budget to suit other like influencer marketing or sponsored content.

4. An emphasis on sustainability:

82% of consumers feel that companies should help us to improve the environment. Over the past years, we have seen shift in brands moving towards a sustainable future, whether it’s through the packaging, the material they use, or something else.

The customers are seeking out brands that are purpose-driven and conscious about the environment. As the world remains a brittle place, it will be key for brands to repeat their sustainability in 2021.

5. Interactive content:

Interactive content like surveys, quizzes, contests, polls, calculator widgets, etc. can do wonders for your brand. At the very least, they increase the time in which users engage with you, which helps your standing in searches and feeds. But more importantly, people want to interact in interactive content which always improves your user experience.

6. The increase in voice and visual search:

An increasing number of consumers are searching the content via tools like Alexa. That’s due to people have been stuck at home, with limited opportunities for conversation, or it’s simply because this type of technology is more easily available. Tools like Google Lens enable customers can search for whatever they can see. This means marketers will have to focus more on image alt text and sitemaps for images.

7. Customer Segmentation:

Another popular trend is customer segmentation. The idea is, instead of a small number of large marketing campaigns targeting general audiences, it’s better to have large number of small marketing campaigns targeting specific audiences. Customer segmentation means grouping your target audience by certain feature such as demographics or shopping habits. This accurately tailor your content to suit their preferences.

For example, having two separate email lists for big amount spenders and little amount spenders, and sending newsletter to every different products. This strategy is best for customer engagement, as your followers receive content. You can apply customer segmentation to specialized ads on categories of blog content, different sites, and social media content for multiple communities.

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